International Year of Light begins with SGM

(France) – SGM package illuminates UNESCO headquarters for IYL opening ceremony.

Finnish lighting artist Kari Kola prepared a full concept including light, video and music for UNESCO’s Fontenoy building during the IYL opening ceremony for 1,500 guests; launching an initiative to raise global awareness about the importance of light for the development of society.

Kola’s installation, Light Is Here, used 130 SGM P-5 wash lights and fourteen G-Spot moving heads, along with 70 LED fixtures and twelve video projectors.

Kola explained: “I wanted to reflect the most powerful elements of natural light, Aurora Borealis (Northern light) and sunrise, bringing in the north and the nature to the opening ceremony.”

The 360º installation swathed the building in blues and greens contrasting the warm colours of the sunrise, accompanied by music composed by Kola. The project presented a comprehensive challenge, with Kola facing a tight timetable as well a monumental building.

The SGM P-5 LED wash light was the main feature, accompanied by elements from the G-Spot moving head. Kola commented: “The purpose was to break the surface with gobo animation and video content. Everything had to be IP65 rated and I needed lots of power and a good saturation of colours, so these units were perfect for the job.”