Johan Hjertonsson

20th April 2016

Following the announcement at Light+Building that Fagerhult had made its tenth acquisition – LED Linear – as part of its continued efforts to stengthen its position in the professional lighting market and add complementary product ranges to its portfolio, Johan Hjertonsson explains more.

What is your role at Fagerhult and how have you got there?

I’m CEO of the Fagerhult Group. How I got there? I don’t really know. I love the lighting industry and I think we are doing a great job as a team at Fagerhult. I would say my number one role, above all else, is to be the team leader and the coach. To coach our organisation forward and continue the successful path we’re on. I see myself as more of a coach and team leader to make that happen, rather than the ‘CEO’. I joined Fagerhult as the CEO. Before this, I worked for a long time in the Electrolux Group, a White Goods company. I also worked as a CEO for a design furniture company for offices and so on.

What was the strategic decision behind the acquisition of LED Linear?

We wanted to increase our LED knowledge and have a much deeper competence around LED – LED Linear fulfilled this to the full extent.

When and how did talks begin?

At the end of last year and things moved pretty quickly from there. We heard that LED Linear was ‘available’ so we got in contact.

What do you admire about LED Linear?

I really admire the brand, product and especially the people working in the LED Linear organisation. I think they have some absolutely stellar products and a great brand that they have built throughout the years.

Will the structure and strategy of LED Linear change at all?

No, not at all, the structure and strategy that LED Linear has will remain. I am very much behind it. I think it is a great strategy and structure and we will continue to support that. With regards to distribution, of course LED Linear will now have access to the full Fagerhult Group distribution channels and any other opportunities that come up.

This is now Fagerhult’s tenth major acquisition, what is the reasoning behind this strategy?

We have a strategy of both growing organically by ourselves and also to grow via acquisitions to find really competitive companies that complement our product range and the international market. It is a strategy we intend to continue.

What are the future plans for the Fagerhult Group? More acquisitions?

Yes, more acquisitions on the way, it is a fundamental part of our strategy, continuing to acquire great lighting companies and great brands. That being said, it is also very important for us to continue to grow organically and launch our own products and enter new markets as well.

Do you have any specific plans for the Fagerhult brands?

It’s more of a multi-brand strategy. We love all our brands individually and we want each brand to grow and flourish within the Fagerhult Group.

What do you like to do outside lighting?

Outside lighting, I love to hang out with family and friends like most people. I also love to go trekking in the mountains in the north of Sweden. I do also enjoy playing tennis quite a lot.