LED Linear awarded three Red Dot awards

(Germany) – VarioLED Flex AMOR, HYDRALUX and XOOTUBE 38 received Red Dot quality seal.

The international experts discussed and assessed each of the 4,928 entries from 56 countries.

The winners of LED Linear in portrait:

VarioLED Flex AMOR

VarioLED Flex AMOR is a miniaturised, opal encapsulated, IP67 protected, flexible LED design light line. It is the uniformity of light in combination with a small cross section of only 5 x 13mm that characterises the AMOR. She is horizontally bendable with a minimum radius of 3cm. It also offers easy installation, salt water and UV resistantance and the connection of individual luminaires with a virtually seamless light-to-light transition. AMOR is suitable for a variety of applications. Due to a depth of only 13mm it can be easily integrated into particleboard with a thickness of only 19mm. For applications in the areas of drywall, furniture, decorative accent lighting and exterior facade, it is ideal. Thereby no substructure is required for mounting the luminaire.


Depending on the step measurement this luminaire can be cut to the desired length on site and then be assembled by adhesive bonding. It is field attachable on site from 62.5mm to a maximum of 7.5-metres – with only one electrical supply. The elegant and filigree flexible linear luminaire in IP67 is available with up to 1,637 lm/m. It is waterproof, dustproof and UV-protected by a polyurethane encapsulation and two lights can be joined without light gap. A small cross section of 12,5 x 3,5mm allows use almost everywhere, such as in shop and retail lighting or applications in furniture and shelves.


It combines industrial style with elegance and aesthetics. With eleven different coloured caps, it offers maximum customisability. Through a defined pre-curvature of the luminaire, a length of almost two-metres with an absolutely straight form can be created. Absolutely homogeneous light and a beam angle of about 360° speak for themselves too. End caps, which are made from one piece to implement a wall thickness of just 1mm, emphasize the high demands of this interior light. Its reduced form factor is ideal for use at workplaces or in residential areas.