Lichtcampus 2017 to visit HAWK Hildesheim

(Germany) – Weinberg Campus will radiate with light over four day period from 6-10 February 2017.

Taking place from 6-10 February 2017, the second Lichtcampus will be held at the HAWK Hildesheim, Germany.

The HAWK (Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst) is inviting all lighting enthusiasts to attend. Over a four day period, students, professors and industry professionals will take part in an interdisciplinary forum of workshops, lectures and exhibitions under the theme ‘Light, Colour and Space’. An event highlight includes an open house on Friday 10 February, when the Weinberg Campus will be glowing inside and out with a lighting spectacle of various creations.

Lichtcampus was brought to life in February 2015 by Prof. Dr. Roland Greule at the HAW Hamburg, when over 100 students met for five days to explore physical light as a material and a tool in an academic forum aimed at promoting collaboration among various fields of study. Professionals of multiple disciplines also participated, providing a successful platform of exchange between students and the industry.

Now the HAWK Design Faculty has accepted the challenge to fill those shoes. A creative team under the direction of Prof. Bettina Pelz, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Paul Schmits-Reinecke, Prof. Stefan Wölwer, and Prof. Markus Schlegel is bringing Lichtcampus 2017 to Hildesheim. The event welcomes anyone who works with light, colour or space, whether it is in architecture or on stage, biological or physical, art or design, in media or in technology or in connection with energy or psychology to join the activities.

A team of students from various majors at the HAWK Faculty of Design has taken on the task of optimising the experience from Hamburg and creating an exciting program that provides participants with a unique experience. This will be a chance for universities to present themselves, for students to learn from the industry, to try new things in workshops and at the end to discuss and celebrate with one another the shared knowledge and experiences. The evening program will provide opportunities to discover how Hildesheim works with light.

At the end of the week, there will be an exhibit to present findings to the public. Universities are invited to produce a contribution under the theme ‘Light, Colour and Space’. More than 25 universities in Germany and Switzerland have been invited and many participants are expected.

On Friday, February 10, starting at 18:00, the open house, along with a presentation of the results from the week, will take place. The event is free of charge and participation in Lichtcampus 2017 is also free.