Lichtvision Design and weisspunkt und purpur join forces

Karsten Ehling (left), Managing Director of Lichtvision, and Christian Spork (right), Founder of wpp and Design Director of Lichtvision. (© Lichtvision Design)

(Germany) – Berlin-based lighting design office weisspunkt und purpur (wpp), has merged with Lichtvision Design, with wpp Founder Christian Spork joining Lichtvision as Design Director.

The new partnership is intended to meet the growing demands of the lighting design industry, offering clients a wider range of services, covering both technological innovation and creative exploration.

With a background in industrial design and mediatecture, Spork describes himself as a multimedia set designer for events and brands, as well as a designer for the staging of experience spaces and classic architecture. For more than 25 years, he has been realising projects around the world, from diverse events and stage shows, through retail concepts such as flagship stores and brand spaces, to exhibitions and museums.

“For me, working with Lichtvision is a kind of quintessence of my professional life and creates a space in which I can concentrate fully on my strengths and have more creative freedom to implement projects,” Spork said of the merger.

Karsten Ehling, Lichtvision Managing Director, added: “We have known Christian for almost two years and when we look at his work, we are always enthusiastic about the passion and patience, narrativity and precision with which he implements projects.

“In our conversations, we discovered that we share the same values and that we can enrich each other’s portfolio. It was therefore an obvious step to pursue our visions together. His expressiveness in terms of content and his ability to tell stories with light enriches us and our partners.”

Spork and wpp have been supporting the Lichtvision team since August 2020. For customers of both offices, nothing will change in the tried and tested working method – wpp’s clients will now benefit from the large team and Lichtvision’s experience in managing complex, large-scale projects, as well as from in-depth knowledge on daylight solutions and media façades.