Light Collective curates exhibition in Paris

12th February 2015

(France) – ‘Lumières – The Play of Brilliants’ to feature at Éléphant Paname from 6 March to 31 May.

Organised by Éléphant Paname, a Centre for Art and Dance in Paris, the exhibition, Lumières – The Play of Brilliants is managed by Temeloy advance lighting design and curated by Light Collective, with Concord Lighting as official partner.

Part of the Lighting-Related Organizations – Official Activity for IYL2015, the exhibition’s theme is ‘the play of brilliants’ – a phrase made famous by the pioneer of architectural lighting design, Richard Kelly to describe the magic of light when it adds sparkle and vivacity to a space.

The exhibition runs from 6 March to 31 May and allows visitors an opportunity to play and experience the brilliance of light as demonstrated by a selection of fantastic pieces.

Artists include Soo Sunny Park, USA; Haberdashery, UK; DGT, France; Laura Bayliss, UK; Moritz Waldemeyer, UK; Whitevoid, Germany; United Visual Artists, UK; GNI Projects, UK; Flynn Talbot, Australia; Laurent Fort, USA.