Lighting Fair 2019 looks to the future of connected light

9th May 2019

(Japan) – More than 57,000 visitors travelled to Tokyo for this year’s Lighting Fair.

The Japan Lighting Manufacturers Association, in association with Nikkei, has hailed Lighting Fair 2019 as a success.

The event, held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, saw visitor numbers reach 57,422 people over four days from March 5-8. These visitors came from various diverse industries, from construction, distribution and manufacturing to retail, facilities management and design.

The theme for the 2019 edition of Lighting Fair was “Lighting will be connected, tomorrow will be changed”. As part of this theme, in a commemorative seminar on the opening day of the show, the Japan Lighting Manufacturers Association published for the first time “Lighting Vision 2030”: a new growth strategy for the lighting industry, while new programs examining the “future that lighting will change” were introduced, observing the future of lighting from various angles, including national projects, expectations toward lighting, and a forecast of the future lighting market.

Across the show, 170 exhibitors, both domestic and international, introduced a number of new lighting applications using LED, illuminations to produce comfortable atmospheres utilising control functions, cutting-edge lighting apparatus, systems and related components.

Meanwhile, the Space Rendering Zone – new to this year’s show – attracted many visitors. Connected through lighting, the services and solutions on show here related to spatial presentation, combining light, acoustics, images and videos.

An adjacent zone, known as “co_re_ca_light Studio”, brought together the apparatus and services that link with lighting from a variety of fields. With panel exhibitions, real machine demonstrations and mini-seminars, this zone helped to promote a deeper understanding of the wider potential of connected lighting to the audience.

Through cooperation with the Japanese chapter of the IALD, the event organisers were able to conduct a number of additional projects outside of the show, highlighting some of the city’s wonderful lighting projects from various angles. An outdoor tour to cruise Tokyo by night with lighting designers, including Motoko Ishii, the International Lighting Design Seminar, presented by famous local and international designers, and an indoor tour to visit various booths accompanied by narrations from lighting designers, all proved very popular, each attracting large audiences.

After the fair, the Japan Lighting Manufacturers Association said “Japan has raised the proposition to stock 100% of high efficiency lighting such as SSL by 2030. Aiming at reaching this goal, we believe the significance of holding this fair will keep rising in our society as the demand increases for promoting the lighting culture and contributing to the global environment.

“Lighting Fair is determined to keep providing the base from which to continue transmitting the latest information toward the spatial construction for lighting and comfortable urban development.”