Lighting for Good 2020 Award winners announced

(Europe) – Awards celebrate outstanding efforts in environmentally friendly luminaire manufacturing.

Lighting for Good (LFG), a collaborative think tank comprised of more than 20 suppliers in the lighting industry that seeks to make light fittings more environmentally friendly, has announced the winners of the second annual Lighting for Good Awards.

The think tank was conceived in 2018 by lighting designer Tiphaine Treins of Temeloy Lighting and Nicolas Martin, Manager of LVMH Lighting. Since its inception the group has made great strides. During the LVMH Climate Week at the end of 2020, the group announced the winners of this year’s Lighting for Good awards.

“This year we were presented with outstanding submissions,” said Treins. “Delta Light proposed a downlight with a weight of only 80g with a lumen package around 580lm. Lucent and formalighting reached an efficiency of 118lm/W, Molto Luce and Self proposed intelligent LED modules, Nordic Power converter presented a driver using 30% less material than the average driver in the market. Flos solved a gap in the packaging of fitting by proposing a solution where the fitting and the driver are packed together.”

LFG’s goal for 2021 is to expand its initial charter and find new ways for its work to reach a greater audience.

“Our fundamental principles remain the same,” added Treins. “We wish to develop practical solutions and maintain a scientific base, which encompasses all aspects of eco-design such as material, energy, and transport.” To that end, Lighting for Good makes clear that they do not wish to be limited to the EU recommendations, but instead it wants to try to develop the best possible solutions with available knowledge and technologies.

“One of the questions that we are struggling with at the moment is: Is this enough?” continued Treins. “Can we save the world one lighting fitting at a time? We do feel strongly that in order to take giant steps, we must start with baby steps.  Through our efforts, we hope to influence our entire industry and maybe our industry can impact other industries.”

Next fall, there will be a presentation of the 2021 Lighting for Good Awards to a number of manufacturers for their work in creating eco-friendly luminaires, as selected by members of the LFG think tank. The categories are Best Efficacy, Best Materials, Best Maintenance, Best Driver, and Best Packaging. The award ceremony is slated to be held in the last quarter of the year.

The winners of the 2020 LFG awards are:

Best Material: Delta Light

Best Driver: Nordic Power Converter

Best Efficiency: formalighting and Lucent

Best Maintainability: Self-Electronics

Best Packaging: Flos

Best of the Best: Molto Luce

Full details of the awards winners will be included in the Jun/Jul issue of arc magazine.