Lightswitch merges with Orangelite

18th January 2019

(USA) – The merger of Lightswitch and Orangelite sees the companies expand on their client base across the US and the rest of the world.

Lighting, media and visual design company Lightswitch has this week merged with Oranglite, a lighting design, programming and visualisation firm with offices in San Jose, CA and Chicago, IL.

The deal will see the merged firm expand on its delivery of lighting design and visualisation expertise to a diverse group of clients across the US and around the world. Orangelite’s founder Tyler Elich will work with John Featherstone, Principal at Lightswitch, to guide the company and steer its growth.

“Orangelite has become a force to be reckoned with in the lighting and visual design market,” said Featherstone. “With clients ranging from Blizzard Entertainment to BMW, from Eddie Izzard to Bob Dylan, they perfectly complement the Lightswitch portfolio.

“More than that, Tyler and his team are visionary designers and collaborators, and we couldn’t be more excited that they are joining the Lightswitch family.”

Elich founded Orangelite thirteen years ago, building a lighting design practice with diverse projects from ESports and comedy, to corporate events, to huge arena pop tours. He brings specific expertise in rendering and visualisation for lighting and events, and has developed a reputation for his rendering art – both for his own clients and for a host of other designers.

“Orangelite has been looking to join a like-minded firm with a focus on design that would broaden our expertise and expand our senior design talent,” said Elich. “We have worked closely with Lightswitch for many years and we feel they are the ideal partner to help expand our reach.

“Our firms share key core values of client commitment, design excellence and dedication to our employees. We are looking forward to building on these values by combining the strengths of our firms.”