Liz West to present Live Colour installation at Clerkenwell Design Week

(UK) – In collaboration with Domus, Liz West will present a vivid light installation in Domus’ lower ground floor area.

For the duration of Clerkenwell Design Week, the British artists will display Live Colour, a vivid environment that mixes luminous colour and radiant light against a backdrop of Domus white XL format Magnum porcelain slabs. West has imagined the space with red, yellow, blue, green and pink rotating washes of each colour, with a pure light as part of the cycle to normalise the overall colour intensity.

The installation uses Rosco’s patented SL1 Mix LED technology to create accurate Rosco gel matches and intense, saturated colour. Through West’s multi-sensory art, visitors to Live Colour will experience pure colour in an immersive environment like never before.

Visitors are encouraged to wear white to experience the full impact of colours and trigger a multi-sensory experience that encourages viewers to question their reactions to colour. How does each colour make you feel? What is your favourite colour? Did you feel as you expected you would when immersed in a certain colour? How does white feel once having experienced other bright colours?

Live Colour plays with people’s individual perception of colour, challenging how they feel when immersed totally in one colour, then quickly drowned in another in deep contrast,” explained West.

“Colour is a universal language that is understood by all, althrough we each bring to the work our individual memories and lived experiences of colour.”

As well as the installation, as part of Domus’ Clerkenwell Design Week lunchtime talks, West will be giving a talk at 1pm on Tuesday 21 May, with a focus on this new project, the psychology of colour and how the experience of seeing and feeling colour and light can enhance wellbeing.