LUCI releases new publication

(France) – Exploring City Nightscapes explores different approaches to urban lighting.

The LUCI Association has released a new publication on urban lighting design after dark.

The publication, entitled Exploring City Nightscapes, examines the variety of ways in which cities can use light, leading to very different luminous landscapes, or “nightscapes”.

“The nightscape impacts how we move through cities at night and what we see as we do so. Moreover, how municipalities apply light in their urban spaces actually shapes these spaces and our experience of the city as a whole,” said the LUCI Association.

The new book, a digital version of which is available for free download here, features the stories of 12 cities, with conversations with urban lighting decision makers in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bologna, London, Ghent, Geneva, Jyväskylä, Lyon, Rotterdam, Seoul, Shanghai and Strasbourg. Through these conversations, the book explores different approaches and common challenges linked to developing city nightscapes.