Lutron Electronics acquires Ketra

(USA) – The acquisition of Ketra by Lutron Electronics allows the firm to offer a more comprehensive light control solution.

Lutron Electronics has signed an agreement to acquire Ketra, whose Natural Light solutions provide light that seamlessly emulates daylight in interior spaces.

Founded in 2009 in Austin, Texas, Ketra offers lighting and control solutions that deliver customisable light in residential and commercial environments. Ketra’s selection of light sources creates high-quality white, pastels and saturated colours, which enhance the look of any space and allow you to tailor the light to meet the needs of the space.

“Our company started over 57 years ago with our founders innovating the electronic light dimmer – a device that delivered beautiful light controlled by the end user,” said Mike Pessina, co-CEO and president at Lutron Electronics. “Ketra’s range of quality light complements the Lutron light control product offering, and enables our customers to create a more comfortable, productive and pleasant environment at home and at work. We’re excited to deliver this expanded light control solution to the industry.”

Ed Blair, Lutron senior vice-president, said it was a natural extension for Lutron to expand its product portfolio with Ketra light sources and controls: “This acquisition allows Lutron to take care of its customers with the most comprehensive portfolio of light control solutions in the industry. Moreover, it uniquely positions Lutron for the greatest success in the market’s areas of growth, like simulated natural light, smart homes and buildings and tunable white.”

Nav Sooch, Ketra CEO, said the acquisition will provide numerous benefits to lighting professionals and homeowners alike. “Lutron’s global reach, unmatched service, support, and outstanding reputation offer new opportunities to expand the market for Ketra’s unique Natural Light offering,” he said. “We’re excited to join the Lutron family and together bring new solutions to our customers.”