Lutron integrates with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home and Sonos

(USA) – Integration of Lutron’s HomeWorks QS and GRAFIK RA 2 systems with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Sonos to improve user experience.

Lutron has announced that its HomeWorks QS and GRAFIK RA 2 systems now work with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Sonos, securing its position as a provider of user experiences that exemplify the future of the connected home.

Lutron is forming alliances with brands, integrating new technologies such as voice and audio control to make it easier for customers to interact with, and control their connected homes, while enhancing peace of mind and improving the quality of life.

  • Amazon Alexa – Using an Alexa skill, customers in the UK and Germany with an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot device in their home can now enjoy hands-free, voice-activated control of lights, blinds and temperature through HomeWorks QS or GRAFIK RA 2 systems. Adding the simplicity of voice-activated scene and room control to Lutron systems is an ideal match for homeowners looking to use this new technology. Alexa-enabled devices are typically used where people spend most of their time, for instance the family room and kitchen.

Whether you’re watching TV, preparing food, helping the kids with homework, or entertaining friends, all of these events are more relaxing and comfortable in the right light, which can now be easily controlled by the sound of your voice. Getting the house ready for a dinner party? Simply tell Alexa to “Turn on Dinner Party” and experience lights, blinds and temperature set to their ideal levels.

The Amazon Alexa integration allows users to control up to 100 buttons from their Lutron system. Getting started is simple – discover the Lutron system in the Amazon Alexa app, locate the keypads you want to control, then choose up to 100 keypad buttons to work with Alexa. Buttons can include individual lights, like the kitchen, or a scene, like Goodnight, that includes both lights and shades.

  • Apple HomeKit – Starting in March, the Lutron Connect Bridge, part of the HomeWorks QS and GRAFIK RA 2 systems, will support Apple HomeKit, enabling homeowners to control their Lutron systems using the Apple Home app, Siri, or third-party HomeKit apps on their iPhone or iPad. Homeowners can control lights in specific rooms or areas. For example, just before bed, tell Siri “turn the lights off” and the Bridge will turn off lights throughout the house. Unsure if the kitchen light is still on? Ask Siri to check and if so, turn it off.

The integration with Apple HomeKit allows homeowners to control lights and shades via Siri. Using the Lutron Connect App, users can select up to 150 Lutron devices (lights and blinds) to be controlled through the Apple Home app, third-party HomeKit apps, or Siri. HomeKit apps can then build scenes that incorporate Lutron products and other third-party devices.

  • Sonos – Music lovers can now control their home’s sights and sounds in a simple and personalised way with Sonos-endorsed integration with HomeWorks QS and GRAFIK RA 2, along with a new Pico RF remote control for audio. This gives consumers direct, one-touch control of any Sonos speaker alongside lights, blinds and temperature, when used with Lutron’s smart home systems.

Play, pause, skip tracks, and adjust volume, in the same way that you control lights and blinds from your nightstand or from the wall. Imagine settling into a sofa and adjusting the lights and music from the Pico RF remote controls on your coffee table; or imagine pulling into your driveway: the entry lights automatically turn on and your Sonos system starts playing to welcome you through the front door.

In addition to the new Pico RF remote control for audio, consumers can use any Lutron keypad, or the Lutron Connect app to incorporate Sonos audio control into customised lighting scenes. Integration with Sonos is available now wherever Sonos products are sold.

“Consumers want simple, reliable technology in their homes, and easy control of their household systems,” said David Ribbons, Director of Sales, Europe and Africa at Lutron.

“Integration with Lutron HomeWorks QS and GRAFIK RA 2 systems does just that. It provides customers with the ability to say, ‘Alexa, turn on good morning,’ or ‘Siri, turn off the kitchen light,’ while still preserving the ability to control lights with the Lutron keypads or the Lutron app when voice control is not practical. From watching TV to helping the kids with homework, or enjoying a quiet dinner, life is more relaxing and comfortable in the right light and setting, which can easily be adjusted,” concluded Ribbons.