(UK) – LUX – TSI announces strengthening of long-term collaboration with British Standards Institution (BSI) in the Lighting Sector

A long running partnership between these two poignant companies has recently become an even tighter bond, as LUX-TSI announce their Platinum Membership with the BSI Associate Consultant Programme. With this comes continued customer investment in technical expertise in LED Lighting technology and compliance services.

Furthermore, this adds to the collaboration already established in 2015 between the companies with the approval of LUX-TSI as a BSI associate laboratory, to cover lighting and road traffic equipment markets, which are both introducing LEDs in their current transformations.

CEO of LUX-TSI, Dr Gareth Jones commented: “This agreement further reinforces the position of LUX-TSI as the leading trusted provider of technical consulting, testing and compliance management services in partnership with BSI certification activities within the lighting industry and we are proud to continue to be associated with BSI to enable the sector to prosper and growth confidence in the UK and international markets. Our approach to global market access can only be effective with support from world leading certification providers like BSI.”

Certification Team Manager from the UK standards organisation Greg Childs concluded, “ With this agreement and relationship, LUX-TSI continues to be a strong partner and continues to meet the exacting standards required by BSI for the carefully selected organisations that we work with. The enlarging of our relationship will mean we can now have a unique, trusted approach in offering testing and certification services to the lighting industry including the prestigious BSI Kitemark and global market access coverage.”