Mark Major to appear in ‘Saving the Night’ webinar

18th June 2020

(UK) – Webinar to discuss issues around public lighting in London.

As part of the London Festival of Architecture 2020, Speirs + Major Principal Mark Major will be participating in a webinar entitled ‘Saving the Night’.

The webinar will focus on issues around public lighting in London, with a particular emphasis on the river. It will ask how we might redress the problems of over-lighting, light pollution and ecological impacts created by artificial light, while improving the experience of the public realm after dark and supporting the night time economy.

The webinar, held today (18th June) at 17.00 BST, will feature an expert panel including, alongside Mark Major, Alex Lifschutz of Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands, Mathew Frith of the London Wildlife Trust, and Don Slater from the London School of Economics. Chaired by design guru Stephen Bayley, the 45-minute online event will consist of a series of short presentations, followed by a Q&A.

Mark Major said of the discussion: “The issue of over-lighting along London’s river has long been a topic for discussion. On the one hand, lighting plays a fundamental role in the rich, diverse and exciting visual experience that helps to shape the city’s attraction after dark. It is also essential in supporting the night time economy and allowing over 1.6 million people to continue to use the city after dark for work.

“At the same time, we know that artificial lighting uses valuable energy and creates pollution, waste and ecological damage. We are also rapidly learning of the possible impact it may have on the wellbeing of those that live in the city, through problems of light spill.

“This webinar brings together a master planner and architect, a lighting designer, a sociologist and an ecologist, chaired by a well-known design commentator. We hope that it will prove an interesting opportunity to debate the issues around this most important topic. It should be fun as well as informative!”

Registration for the event is free of charge, and can be found here.

Photograph (top): James Newton; Render (bottom): Speirs + Major