MEGAMAN prepares for halogen ban with launch of new website

Fred Bass, Managing Director Neonlite International

(Europe) – After going live on 28 July, new website plans to help electricians and designers explain halogen ban to customers.

Fred Bass, Managing Director of Neonlite International Ltd, the brand owner of MEGAMAN, released the following statement:

“Although mention of the phrase ‘EU’ can have some of us running for cover in the present political climate, the halogen directional lamp ban will come into action across the EU from September.

“We in the lighting community might be well versed with the transition from legacy lighting to LEDs, however the wider world is still in need of reassurance that this technology has got what it takes in terms of brightness, consistency and quality. This is why we have invested time, energy and money in creating a website targeted at electricians and helping them explain the halogen ban to their customers.

“It isn’t rocket science to any of us in the lighting industry, but as an experiment try mentioning the words ‘lumen output’ to an end user and you will see the glazing of eyes and general air of confusion. So, this is why we have addressed many of the key questions asked by consumers to their electricians on the website and have also included a downloadable print out that gives a quick and easy way to understand the benefits of LEDs.

“Rather than ‘a race to the bottom’ in terms of pricing, communication about LEDs should be about getting consumers to rethink their lamp purchases from a commodity, to a lighting investment – an LED isn’t something we consume quickly, but something we invest in for the longer-term. As with everything, you get what you pay for, but trying to encourage consumers to look at features such as dimming compatibility, colour rendering etc. rather than price point is always going to be a challenge – but one we as an industry need to fight for.

“So, for an overview of the incredible benefits of the latest LEDs and how to explain upfront costs versus lifetime costs to those not in the lighting world, why not visit MEGAMAN’s halogen ban website –