mondo*arc to partner EILD 2016

(Brazil) – mondo*arc becomes media partner of Ibero-American Lighting Design conference in Brazil.

mondo*arc has committed to support AsBAI (Associação Brasileira de Arquitetos de Iluminação) in its EILD 2016 conference in Ouro Preto, Brazil, 21 –  24 September.

The Ibero-American Lighting Design conference (EILD 2016) will focus on analysing the creative process of lighting design. The attendees will participate in activities intended for reflection and experimentation, in a dynamic and interactive way, of different aspects related to the creative process in the development of lighting projects.

Lecturers will consist of renowned international professionals from different disciplines related to lighting, who will offer their valuable point of view about the transversal processes determinants in the design progress.

EILD 2016 attendees can participate in labs that explore different aspects of light, such as perception, construction with shadows, poetics of light, applied materials, to design light with technologies, colour and how to communicate light. The event will also explore the artistic possibilities of light in the city, through two urban interventions that will be built during the event with collaboration of all EILD attendees.

The event will also include an exhibition, Panorama 2016, that will display 30 selected projects of architectural lighting design.

EILD 2016 takes place in the city of Ouro Preto, in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil, between 21st – 24th September.