New and improved forums coming to Lightfair International 2018

Photo courtesy of Lightfair International

(USA) – Lightfair International 2018 will feature two new and improved forums on smart cities and the role of lighting on health and wellbeing.

This year’s Lightfair International, held in Chicago from 6-10 May, will see the introduction of an all-new Smart Cities Forum, alongside an evolved Light & Health forum, encouraging more dialogue on the latest issues emerging in the lighting world.

Both Forums take place on Wednesday 9 May, with each offering six sessions of knowledge revolving around these topics. They are a part of the full Lightfair Conference program that offers 72 courses for 2018 ranging from 60 minutes to two days in length.

The Smart Cities Forum will explore how smart cities are leading lighting into the Internet of Things (IoT), where lighting enables digital technologies critical to the expansion of city services. It will inform on relevant protocols, artificial intelligence, data analysis, case studies and more. Participants will see how smart cities are leading the way to a connected future, with speakers including representatives from Lutron Electronics, Smart Outdoor Lighting Alliance (SOLA), Chicago Department of Innovation & Technology, and Cimcon Lighting.

The Light & Health Forum will return for its third year with all-new courses. Light has been shown to impact humans well beyond providing for optimal visual performance. This forum continues to explore the non-visual effects of light not only on humans, but also plants and wildlife. Current knowledge of the impact of light on biological health and overall wellbeing will be addressed with more detailed exploration into some of the new metrics and design guidelines that are shaping circadian lighting applications.

The Light & Health Forum will include speakers from Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design, Stantec, CT Lighting Sales and Lutron Electronics.