New lighting brand launches

(UK) – humanlumen looks to take a mindful approach to provide creative lighting concepts.

Launched this spring, a new British lighting brand has entered the market.

Humanlumen is a collective of lighting professionals and experts with a broad range of expertise that is on a mission to create effective and efficient lighting solutions that are “as positive for people as they are for the environment and business”.

Spanning a range of sectors, from hospitality, retail and leisure to residential, education and healthcare, humanlumen hopes to understand the structural form of lighting, and take a mindful approach to provide creative concepts.

The brand was launched with the aim to change the landscape in which interior designers and consultants approach their lighting concepts, driven by a desire to provide human-centric lighting design and products.

The new brand is led by Andrew Boydell, a principle with more than 24 years’ experience working within the construction sector on high-profile interior projects both in Europe and the Middle East. His most recent role was as Regional Director for Future Designs in the UAE. Prior to that he was General Manager at the Nordeon Group in the UAE.

Of humanlumen, Boydell said: “Our creative team is based in Clerkenwell, in the heart of London’s design scene, the obvious choice with all the experience we have collectively in the local and international lighting market, and our aim is to develop the brand globally.

“With the use of innovative software design, alongside the vast range of products that we design and manufacture, we will offer relevant and creative solutions.”

The humanlumen product portfolio encompasses more than 3,000 lighting designs, including a high-specification downlight, track and spot, and linear pendant range. The mix also accounts for both indoor and outdoor use to serve a vast range of lighting schemes.