New President calls on CIBSE to adapt to change

Stephen Lisk, CIBSE President

(UK) – Incoming CIBSE President Stephen Lisk gave a presidential address looking at the increasing rate of advancements in the construction sector.

Stephen Lisk, incoming President of CIBSE, has made a resounding call for the association to accelerate its evolution in response to a rapidly changing world.

During his Presidential address, Lisk focused on the pace of change within the natural world as well as the construction sector and the regulatory climate in which it operates: he stressed the vital importance of education and expert guidance to ensure that the built environment provides positive spaces for living and working into the future.

A major theme for Lisk’s year in office will be the importance of collaboration between all the professionals whose experience should influence the design of buildings. It is an appropriate focus for a non-engineer – Lisk is a ‘lighter’ – leading an institution with engineering at its heart.

It is in such collaboration that Lisk sees the value and relevance of a professional organisation such as CIBSE: constructive debate between like-minded profession producing the most comprehensive and practical solutions to building design challenges.

Lisk also commended the CIBSE Knowledge Portal and Build2Perform Live as excellent examples of initiatives that increase accessibility and fulfill the Institution’s aim of sharing its knowledge to the benefit of all.

The speech committed to continue and accelerate the pace of change within CIBSE with the objective of building “a virtuous circle of competency”. Members and, critically, the huge number of participants in CIBSE’s special interest groups who are not CIBSE members, should be prepared for some radical new thinking in the way CIBSE engages with and consults its unique corps of expert contributors.

Stephen Lisk, former president of the Society of Light and Lighting, and founder of One Eight Light, succeeds Peter Wong as CIBSE President and will, in turn, be succeeded by Professor Lynne Jack, Director of Heriot-Watt University’s Royal Academy of Engineering Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Building Design, who will be supporting Lisk in her capacity of President-Elect during the coming year.