Opple illuminates Moddy Mosque

4th January 2016

(Kuwait) – China-based lighting manufacturer enhances regal air of Kuwait City mosque with 650 LED downlights.  

Creating new Islamic heritage can be a daunting task when the highest standard is always required. Attempting to succeed in this challenge, the Moddy Mosque is a newly constructed building by the Ministry of Awqaf in the Al Sadiq area of Kuwait City, Kuwait.

The lighting for the Moddy Mosque needed to fit seamlessly with the interior of the 3,000 sq-metre space while enhancing the overall grandeur and regal air. This was especially challenging because of the size of the interior and the need to illuminate from a ceiling with a variable height – reaching over ten metres. To meet this challenge, Opple’s distributors Alarabia Electrical’s team developed a scheme and selected Opple to provide the appropriate luminaires. Opple used 650 LED HM Downlight luminaires and 1,500 metres of LED EcoMax Soft Strip. The lighting solution not only resulted in a uniformly illuminated area but succeeded in defining the space by bringing the architecture to life.

Opple was flexible in meeting the design needs of the project and provided a wide range of wattages and sizes for the LED Downlight HM luminaires. Opple’s LED HM Downlight luminaires have a 50,000-hour lifespan and offer up to 60% energy savings compared to traditional CFL systems. In addition, Opple’s LED EcoMax Soft Strip installed within the walls amplified the lighting and attractiveness of the space at eye-level while rounding out a complete and energy efficient lighting solution.