Osram unveils new lighting for St. Peter’s Basilica

Pic: Archivio Fotografico Fabbrica di San Pietro

(Italy) – The new lighting for St. Peter’s Basilica features 780 luminaires fitted with around 100,000 LEDs.

In a special inauguration event, Osram has unveiled the new LED lighting system for St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City.

Having previously provided lighting for the Sistine Chapel, Rafael’s Rooms and St. Peter’s Square, this latest project saw Osram install 780 luminaires equipped with approximately 100,000 LEDs in the basilica – one of the largest and most important Catholic churches in the world.

With the installation of new, intelligent lighting control, the lighting of the church, which covers an area of around 22,000sqm, can be quickly adapted to predefined lighting scenarios. With the new LED light, the mosaics in the domes of the side aisles can be seen down to the smallest detail, while numerous works of art that had previously disappeared into semi-darkness are now fully illuminated.

Further to this, the new lighting offers energy savings of up to 90 percent, with a reduction in the number of luminaires by 80 percent.

Prior to the big reveal of the new lighting, Osram hosted a conference for press and VIP guests from around the world, where Osram CEO Olaf Berlien was joined by Cardinal Guiseppe Bertello, President of the Governorate of the Vatican City State and Cardinal Angelo Comastri, Archpriest of the Vatican Pope’s Basilica of St. Peter.

“We are very proud of this lighting masterpiece in St. Peter’s Basilica,” said Berlien. “The project demonstrates just how history and high tech can be combined in the best possible way by using the right expertise. More than 500 years of history are now being bathed in digitally controlled LED light.”

Cardinal Bertello continued: “This project provides a significant service, both to art lovers and to those who come on pilgrimage to this symbol of Catholicism. We are pleased that a special light has been cast on this important location – thanks to the new illumination.”

“The Basilica’s new lighting system fits in perfectly with the requirements for worship, prayer and celebration – particularly when the Holy Father is in attendance,” added Cardinal Comastri. “At the same time, this ‘intelligent’ illumination has also allowed us to achieve another purpose: to be able to admire the architectural beauty of the Basilica.”