Philips Lighting welcomes iGuzzini as licensee to EnabLED Licensing Program

(Netherlands) – License provides iGuzzini with worldwide access to wide range of basic LED control and system-level technologies.

Philips Lighting has announced that it entered into a patent license agreement with Italian company iGuzzini. The license, based on the terms and conditions of the EnabLED Licensing Program, provides iGuzzini with full, worldwide access to a wide range of basic LED control and system-level technologies. Both companies have also agreed to dismiss all outstanding litigations related to patents offered under Philips’ EnabLED Licensing Program for LED Luminaires and Retrofit Bulbs.

“We believe having licensees like iGuzzini in our open and accessible license program is greatly assisting in accelerating the adoption of LED lighting and fostering the growth of the LED industry,” said Frank Bistervels, Senior Director for Intellectual Property Licensing at Philips Lighting.

The license agreement with iGuzzini follows earlier agreements between Philips and more than 600 lighting companies including, amongst others, Acuity Brands, Cooper Lighting,  Dialight, Trilux, Osram, Cree, Zumtobel, Paulmann, Disano and Performance in Lighting. Philips aims to accelerate market adoption and growth of LED-based products by making available to the lighting industry its market-leading patented LED luminaire and retrofit bulb technologies.