Phos Orba

The Orba is the latest addition to Phos family – a highly versatile, modular projector range for indoor and outdoor use. The range features a wide choice of installation options, from track, recessed, pendant and drop tube. The high range of adjustability is achieved by a magnetic ‘puck’ and rail design that gives lighting designers complete control when commissioning.

The ø70 spherical body is also the heatsink for the high-powered cree LED. Delivering up to 830 luminaire lumens, the Orba features easily interchangeable optics of 10, 20, 30 and 50-degrees – all of which accept Phos’ honeycomb, anti-glare louve for tighter beam control.

The exterior variants are sealed using a stainless steel rail with a lockable connector to achieve the desired IP65 rating.