Recolight to spearhead circular economy for lighting industry

22nd July 2022

(UK) – Recolight has announced that it is bringing together a comprehensive range of services to help the lighting industry to fully embrace the circular economy.

Speaking at a key stakeholder event in London yesterday (21 July), Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey said: “The unprecedented heatwave we recently experienced is a salutary reminder of the need for us all to redouble our efforts to tackle the climate emergency, and that has been one of the key drivers for the way Recolight has transformed its business over the last three years. The circular economy is a vital component of the response to the climate crisis.

“We are now doing more than ever to support a circular economy. That includes product design training workshops to help lighting producers design for circularity, and to navigate the emerging voluntary and mandatory specifications.

“The Circular Lighting Report news service keeps the industry abreast of the latest developments. A certification service will help manufacturers demonstrate their level of compliance with the CIBSE TM66 circular lighting standard. And vitally, the new in-person event, Circular Lighting Live, which takes place in London on 22 September, will provide a unique forum to consider forthcoming standards and legislation, emerging technologies, and new business models.”

Harvey added that the new events and services complement the changes that Recolight has already implemented to try to reduce the level of luminaire recycling, and increase reuse of old lighting equipment, and of excess lighting equipment stock.

“At Recolight, we’re also doing our best to ‘walk the walk’ on the climate,” he continued. “All of our events are hosted at locations that favour travel by public transport. Climate action is one of the criteria in our tenders, and we’ve set an annual internal target for all staff to reduce the carbon footprint of our lamp collection services by 10% this year.

“It is particularly important to mention the pivotal role of the Recolight team in this transformation. I am immensely proud of their passion, energy, and commitment. None of this would have happened without them.”