Rosco opens Middle East office

(USA) – Kees Frijters, Rosco’s President of EMEA, to head new office in Dubai while continuing responsibilities in Europe, Asia and Africa.

“Rosco’s product line is rapidly expanding in creative and exciting new directions, as is this part of the world,” commented Frijters. “In line with Rosco’s strategic objectives to invest in international markets, we intend to more effectively to support our local customer base and also capitalise on the growth opportunities in the region,” he continued. To maximise the potential of the office in Dubai, Rosco’s Chairman, Stan Miller and CEO Mark Engel, asked Frijters to relocate.

While Rosco has been operating in the Middle East for many years, it was apparent that in order to keep up with the rapid growth in that part of the world, and service its customers in a more efficient manner, a Rosco office in the UAE was the next step. “Our investment in this new office recognises the size and opportunity the Middle East holds,” said Engel.

“Our existing client base in the region and the potential to expand Rosco globally make this the perfect time to make our mark in the UAE,” continued Engel. “It was clear that to accomplish our objectives, it would require someone with knowledge of and experience with the full range of Rosco products and Kees Frijters is that person. Kees literally grew up with Rosco. His father owned a company that represented Rosco in Holland and Kees began his Rosco career 21 years ago as European Development Manager, then onto VP of European Operations before being appointed President of EMEA,” he explained. “Dubai has become a world center for tourism, trade, retail, business and finance. The Rosco team and product line will be perfectly suited to support the large and innovative projects happening in the region, particularly in the burgeoning areas of film, television and architectural development,” Engel concluded.

In addition to the new office in the UAE and its headquarters in the United States, Rosco maintains fully staffed businesses in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Spain and the United Kingdom.