SATTLER family business in third generation

Ulrich and Petra Sattler (centre) with their sons Tim (right hand side) and Sven (left hand side), who was appointed CEO and is now managing the company together with his father. (Pic: Tobias Fröhner Photography)

(Germany) – Sven Sattler joins family lighting business to inspire new ideas and focus on international expansion. 

Representing the third generation to work for the family business, Sven Sattler has joined SATTLER as a new member of the management team.

For more than 30 years, the Göppingen-based company SATTLER has been an established name in the international lighting industry. With its wide range of exquisite lighting systems, the company maintains a presence in the market.

With his entry to the management team, Sven Sattler inspires new ideas, provides creative impulse to the family-run business and is able to build on sound organisational structures.

‘‘I’m proud of the fact that we work so well as a family business. When my wife and I took over my father’s company, change was brought about, however, the good was preserved – this is happening again with my son’s entry into the business,” said Ulrich Sattler, who together with his son Sven, is responsible for dual leadership of the company.

Having his son by his side is a great gain for Ulrich Sattler. In his own words, he is now able to concentrate “on the beautiful aspects of his profession”. That includes giving talks or working intensively on product design.

Among other tasks, Sven Sattler is primarily focused on the continuous expansion into international markets. His brother Tim is an addition to the management in the areas of controlling and process management.

SATTLER has achieved a continuous, double-digit percentage growth rate for several years, both nationwide and on the international market.