Second LED installation surpasses 100,000 hours use at Pulsar HQ

(UK) – Second Pulsar factory installation showcases longevity of LEDs with over 115,000 hours activity.

Back in May 2003 Pulsar installed its own LED lighting on the front of the building, confident in its reliability, longevity, and durability. Twelve Chroma Panels were installed on the South-facing front of the factory building and have been running 24/7 ever since.

Fast forward to today and the original ChromaPanels printed with the Pulsar name have clocked an impressive thirteen years ten months of continuous activity – actually surpassing 115,000 hours! This real-world industry first is proof of LED’s amazing longevity and also of Pulsar’s dedication to making quality LED lighting fixtures.

In the May of 2005, an additional 21 metres of ChromaStrip2 product were installed on Pulsar’s facade. Pulsar’s ChromaStrip2 product has now also surpassed 100,000 hours! So now Pulsar boasts the world’s second longest lasting LED installation.

Company records place the date of installation and commissioning to a day in May of 2004, when the company hired a cherry picker to install the ChromaStrip2’s on the front of the factory. This date confirmed by a recent serial number check.

Yet again, another major milestone for Pulsar, having two installations surpassing 100,000 hours continuous use. As far as Pulsar are aware there are no other similar examples, particularly when many installations would have been stripped out and re-fitted many times over the years.

Dave Cowan, Pulsar sales team said: “As the member of the Pulsar family responsible for generating, supporting and selling our Architectural Lighting Products globally along with a superb and talented team, it’s great to see our products survive the test of time and prove we can stand by our claims of durability, longevity and reliability. The installation here is mirrored by a real customer installation in Bahrain where the Financial Harbour is lit by the same product and still going strong. Let’s see where the next thirteen years will take us!”

Andrew Hilbert, Operations Director stated: “Whilst the ‘headline’ is the longevity of the LED’s, it is the driver components that keep those LED’s operating. Each CS2 has 30 LED’s and more than 40 driver components which have also operated for 100,000 hours. A luminaire is only as reliable as it’s least reliable component, so Pulsar has always taken a systemic approach to product design. Products can fail due to water ingress, stresses due to thermal cycling, or premature failure of just one passive component in a driver. The reputation for longevity, durability and reliability has only been achieved through a rigorous design process and 15 years of experience producing LED luminaires.”