Seoul Declaration adopted at LUCI AGM       

(South Korea) – Over 50 cities gathered in Seoul to reaffirm principles of sustainable urban lighting for building comfortable, smart and energy efficient cities of the future. 

City representatives and lighting professionals from LUCI, the international network of cities on urban lighting, came together on 4 November 2016 at the LUCI Annual General Meeting in Seoul, South Korea to adopt the Seoul Declaration of LUCI, which asserts that light makes a critical difference to our quality of life and calls for quality urban lighting to build better cities.

The Declaration was adopted in a ceremony chaired by the President of LUCI, Mary-Ann Schreurs, the Vice-Mayor of Innovation and Design, Culture and Sustainability of the City of Eindhoven, and the Mayor of Seoul, Wonsoon Park. It reaffirms the principles of sustainable urban lighting in line with the LUCI Charter on Urban Lighting adopted in 2010.

Key points of the declaration call for:

Quality urban lighting to build better cities: promoting common actions for a liveable city with citizen-focused lighting, human-centred design and a governance framework to develop inclusive, balanced and effective strategies for urban lighting.

A culture of sustainable lighting in cities worldwide: promoting a culture of sustainable lighting in cities worldwide, increasing energy efficiency of public lighting and developing sustainable ecosystems of light.

Innovation in lighting as a driver for quality of life: new lighting technologies, which have become a powerful engine and tool to enhance the quality of people’s lives, will help to make cities safer, more interactive and adaptable to citizen’s needs as a key component of the Smart Society.

Based on the key values of the LUCI Strategic Plan (2017-2027) agreed at the AGM in Seoul, the Declaration marks a significant new step in the development of the LUCI network and includes the establishment of the first LUCI Regional Office, one for Asia, in the city of Seoul. This Regional Office for Asia will support a more balanced regional development of LUCI and reflect the lighting culture and identity of Asian cities in the global conversation on urban lighting.

 “With the Seoul Declaration and the LUCI Strategic Plan [2017-2027], LUCI takes a bold new step into the future, a future where light helps create the flourishing, innovative public spaces that our citizens need,” said Schreurs.

The City of Eindhoven, Netherlands represented by Schreurs was elected the new President of the LUCI network on 3 November 2016, the City of Seoul was elected as 1st Vice-President of the network and the City of Lyon was elected as 2nd Vice President.

“The Seoul Declaration of LUCI is in line with the City of Seoul’s commitment to building a sustainable, smart and people-oriented city with urban lighting. As Seoul takes its position as the LUCI Vice President, we are pleased to take the lead in promoting sustainable urban lighting particularly in Asia with the LUCI Regional Office for Asia,” added Park.

This Seoul Declaration was adopted within the framework of the LUCI Annual General Meeting, the international forum for cities on urban lighting which took place from 2 to 6 November 2016 in Seoul. Over 700 city representatives and urban lighting professionals participated in the event.