Seoul Semiconductor receive low risk eye safety certification for SunLike LED

25W SunLike light source, which acquired RG-1 grade in Eye Safety certification.

(South Korea)  Seoul Semiconductor have become the first company in the world to receive the certification for its natural light LED SunLike. 

Seoul Semiconductor’s SunLike, which implements light that comes closest to sunlight, has received an RG-1 Eye Safety certification based on the safety of its light source and has been recognised for the highest level of safety amongst 25W COB type LED.

SunLike received the RG-1 grade in Eye Safety certification with its natural light LED, which applies TRI-R technology from Toshiba Materials. The RG-1 grade is granted to a safe light source for which there is no biological risk, even if our entire lives were spend exposed to the light source.

Particularly, the acquisition of the RG-1 grade for the first time for a 25W single light source widely used for commercial and residential lighting is highly significant, as a natural light source with the highest level of safety has been commercialised.

The interest in the impact of light on health has increased tremendously with the award of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to professor Jeffrey C. Hall from Maine University, professor Michel Rosbash from Brandeis University and professor Michael Young from Rockefeller University of USA, acknowledging the causal relationship between biorhythms and human health. So the natural light LED SunLike, which acquired the RG-1 grade in Eye Safety certification, is in the spotlight as a next generation light source.

“Interest in the relationship between light and human health is increasing with the award of Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine by the scientists researching biorhythms and consequently also the volume of inquiries for SunLike from commercial, industrial and medical institutions, as well as customers in lighting, throughout the world,” said Dr. Kibum Nam, Head of Seoul’s R&D Center and Chief Technology Officer.

“We are opening the healthy lighting era of natural light thanks to LED SunLike which comes closest to the spectrum of sunlight as human beings have enjoyed for thousands of years.”