Signify announces first ever on-demand CIBSE accredited CPDs

18th August 2022

(Online) – Signify has announced five new CIBSE accredited Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses aimed at arming specifiers, lighting designers, facilities managers and installers with the knowledge to be able to respond to a range of business needs, from meeting sustainability goals to protection from Covid-19.

Ranging from topics like the correct use of UV-C technology as an added layer for disinfection, to driving better connectivity through lighting the five new CPDs are the first CIBSE accredited CPDs to be provided on demand. The courses are the latest to be added to an existing portfolio of 700 courses on the Signify Lighting Academy, which delivers training to thousands of subscribers.

The trainings are available on demand and at the end of each course, a certificate is generated confirming the CPD hours.

“Continuing professional development is a long-term commitment to undertake the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills. It is about learning and putting into practice new competences year after year and investing in your future,” said John Ashton, a member of the CIBSE CPD panel.

“The on-demand digital CPDs are a great initiative by Signify to enable installers, specifiers and the whole community to learn about the latest technologies and innovations and move with the times, as this also aligns closely with our agenda at CIBSE. I encourage other members to also introduce more digital CPDs on an ongoing basis.”

Simon Greenwood, Sales Director, Trade and Specification at Signify UK&I, added: “We are proud to work closely with CIBSE to provide the first ever on-demand digital CPDs, offering the trade community continuous learning and development, on the go and playing our part in making the industry grow.

“It is our aim to create a complete programme of CPDs covering the entire spectrum of lighting. We see it as an important part of our role to increase knowledge and raise technical standards for the lighting industry. These CPDs also affirm our dedication to developing long-term partnerships with our customers and supporting them in delivering their lighting visions – from design through to installation and maintenance as these CPDs meet a pressing need for up-to-date guidance on the latest technology and legislation.”