Signify, Ansell Lighting and 4Lite partner to introduce WiZ Connected to UK markets

(UK) – Ansell and 4Lite products to incorporate WiZ Connected technology.

Signify, Ansell Lighting and 4Lite – a subsidiary of Japanese lighting company Endo Lighting – are partnering to introduce WiZ Connected to both the professional and consumer markets in the UK. Ansell will be adding the broad range of WiZ Connected products to its OCTO portfolio, while 4Lite will add to its range of products aimed at the consumer market.

“We are delighted to be able to offer WiZ IoT platform within the OCTO and 4Lite brand proposition and breakthrough innovation with dual connectivity technology,” said Mark Abbott, Managing Direct at Ansell and 4Lite. “We want to offer cutting edge connected solutions and this partnership with WiZ reflects that.

“We have taken great time and care to ensure we align ourselves with partners that offer the same values and ethos as Ansell and 4Lite. We are looking forward to working with WiZ and excited to launch a number of exclusive products to the market.”

The WiZ connected lighting product range consists of lamps, a retrofit connector, LED strip and several accessories, all commissioned via the WiZ app. WiZ Connected technology is embedded into Ansell’s and 4Lite’s luminaires, meaning no hubs or additional wiring is required.

The OCTO WiZ Pro range provides a hybrid technology consisting of WiFi and Bluetooth. This hybrid technology is new for 2020, being the only dual protocol solution currently on the market, allowing seamless pairing and scalable deployments. The WiZ Pro software suite offers multi-users and multi-location options, making it suitable for new or existing residential buildings, restaurants, shops and the education sector.

“We are very pleased to partner with Ansell Lighting and 4Lite as their forward thinking approach reflects our own. This partnership is very emblematic of our ability to address the needs of lighting vendors who target simultaneously consumer and professional markets,” said Jerome Leroy, Head of Marketing, Platform and Ecosystem and WiZ Connected.