Sombra: Bruma

Created by Sombra, Bruma is an immersive light installation in which a dancer creates an intimate connection with light; the light is her lover, they understand each other and move together.

Bruma, which in Spanish means ‘haze’ or ‘confusion’, is a space of post-pandemic reflection, an installation where the spectator is submerged in a space bathed in light, where the light becomes material. The body is immersed into the haze, generating a dialogue with the solid light as an intimate bond is formed between the dancer, the space and the light.

Spectators are required to keep a physical distance of 1.5m; however, there is a spiritual connection between the spectators, the dancer, and the light.

Directed by: Raquel Bañón
Dancer: Maja Størseth
Photography: Héctor López