Sorae Sushi Sake Lounge, Vietnam

Sorae is a Japanese sushi and sake restaurant/lounge at the heart of the bustling district of Saigon, Vietnam. Situated on the 24th and 25th floor of AB tower overlooking magnificent panoramic views of Ho Chi Minh City, the space takes eating and dining to an exciting new place.

The lighting scheme from ASA Studios utilises a contrast between light and darkness, creating a dramatic atmosphere for diners to experience unique, authentic Japanese cuisine, culture and heritage. The lighting, which makes use of products from Philips, Osram, NVC and ELEK, is designed with the idea of creating a floating effect, giving the impression of dining up in the sky. The ceiling is softly illuminated and accentuated by glowing clouds to mimic the clear evening sky found after tropical rain in Saigon. This idea connects seamlessly with the sky outside, which is reflected in the large glazing – offering amazing views of the city nightscape.

Well lit, open kitchens and cooking counters have been designed as a stage for chefs to perform the art of Japanese cooking. Every feature and display has been selected with care and features well integrated lighting technique which focuses on presenation rather than detail.

The combination of light, food and music makes for an unforgettable dining experience up in the sky above the streets of the city below.