Speirs + Major announce new name, brand identity and website

(UK) – The lighting design practice to be renamed to Speirs Major.

Speirs + Major has announced that as of Tuesday 24th November, it has undergone a rebrand, and will now be known as Speirs Major. The move reflects an ongoing evolution in the studio’s design approach and company structure. The practice has also launched a new website: www.smlightarchitecture.com.

Senior Partners Keith Bradshaw and Mark Major issued this joint statement: “Founded initially as an atelier practice 25 years ago, we have evolved into a unique team that has been responsible for creating hundreds of award-winning projects in more than 40 countries around the world. Our new name reflects this broader organisation, in which the design teams in our London and Tokyo studios are steered by our Partners, under our creative leadership.

“We are delighted to announce that Clementine Fletcher-Smith and Carrie Donahue Bremner are joining us as Partners, and Benz Roos, Philip Rose, Iain Ruxton and Hiro Toyoda as Associate Partners.

“Light Architecture underscores our ethos, rooted in our fascination with light, form, space and time. Our approach is to progressively and responsibly use light to improve the experience of the built environment, promote wellbeing and generate a unique sense of place.”

The new website includes a full explanation of the practice’s approach, alongside in-depth coverage of its wide-ranging portfolio of work, including many images and sketches that have not previously been publicly available. The site is also home to a journal page that is intended to act as a repository of inspirational content on the subject of light architecture.