Spread the Light: Light and Communication – Tapio Rosenius & Katia Kolovea

In part five of Stir’s Spread the Light series of interviews, filmed by Linus Lopez at PLDC 2019, Tapio Rosenius, CEO of Skandal Technologies and Founder of LDC, and Katia Kolovea, lighting designer and Founder fo Archifos have an insightful and probing conversation on the ways in which light can be used as a tool for communication.

In a multi-faceted approach to understanding the power of light in communicating ideas and emotions, the two designers also discuss challenges they have faced and solutions they have come up with. Negotiating artful communication is a result of careful dialogue with a clear end focus and holds huge potential in a technology driven world.

The Spread the Light series is presented by Wipro Lighting in collaboration with PLDC.

Video: Linus Lopez, courtesy of STIR