Spread the Light: Light and Wellbeing – Lorraine Calcott & Nirmit Jhaveri

In part 4 of the Spread the Light series, filmed by Linus Lopez at PLDC 2019, Lorraine Calcott, founder of It Does Lighting, advisor to the All-Parliamentary Health Group and expert on the European Commission on SMART cities, talks with Indian architect and lighting designer Nirmit Jhaveri on the role of light in health and wellbeing.

Together, they examine the research, probe some of the applications in medical and recuperative facilities, and test some of the truths and myths about human-centric and biophilic lighting. They also discuss how aspects of design thinking and innovation can be used to improve the quality of indoor spaces to minimise the detrimental effects of new lifestyles and modern ways of living.

The Spread the Light series is presented by Wipro Lighting in collaboration with PLDC.

Video: Linus Lopez, courtesy of STIR