teamLab brings interactive, immersive artworks to Barcelona

teamLab, 2021, CaixaForum Barcelona © teamLab, courtesy Pace Gallery

(Spain) – Art collective teamLab has opened up a new exhibition at CaixaForum in Barcelona. The exhibition, which opened on 17 May, will remain in place until 9 January 2022 and comprises the works Born From the Darkness a Loving and Beautiful World and Graffiti Nature: Lost, Immersed and Reborn.

The two interactive, immersive installations explore the concept of changing the relationships among people to Barcelona’s CaixaForum.

“Art created using digital technology has the ability to change the relationships among people who are present within the same space,” said the art collective. “For the majority of art up until now, the presence of other viewers has constituted a hindrance. But when an artwork made using digital technology changes based on the presence or behaviour of visitors, it causes the boundaries between artwork and visitor to become blurred. In this case, the visitor becomes part of the artwork itself.

“This changes the relationship between an artwork and an individual into the relationship between an artwork and a group of individuals. Whether a viewer was present five minutes ago, or how the person next to you is behaving now, suddenly becomes important. If the interactions of other people with an artwork creates changes that we feel are beautiful, then the presence of others can in itself become a positive element.”

More details on the exhibition can be found here.