Trilux Akademie announces 2017 programme

(UK) – Trilux schedules more events than ever to build on success of 2016 Akademie programme.

Trilux has published a new programme for its Akademie seminars, webinars and theme days for 2017. After last year’s success, Trilux has responded to demand by scheduling more events than ever before.

Providing knowledge, reducing complexity and establishing expertise is the aim of the Trilux Akademie. The demands of bespoke lighting solutions are increasing continuously with the rapid advancement in LED technology, including optimisation for ever more diverse and specific applications, higher energy efficiency requirements, new regulations, as well as increased customisation.

Rebecca Ryan, Head of Akademie Trilux Lighting UK, explained: “Light has become intelligent, activating, relaxing or transformative, and the latest specialist knowledge is now vital to optimise the possibilities created by new products and applications. With an up-to-date CPD seminar menu, practical seminars, webinars and theme days, we can support you in finding your way in this dynamic market. Our training is aimed at architects and designers, electrical consultants and contractors and everyone concerned in a professional way with light, with the aim of simplifying your daily work.”

As with previous years, the Akademie’s trainers are from diverse backgrounds within the lighting industry offering hands on insight to the modern world of light.

Some of this year’s new material includes additional webinar topics covering some of the key topics in the lighting industry. Light Services: Design, Efficiency & Finance, WELL Building Standard and another new topic First Digital, Then real: BIM.

One of the most oversubscribed sessions last year were the DIALux with Evo Preview courses, so scheduled in are some dedicated EVO training days, which are unfortunately already fully booked – but Trilux plan to introduce more sessions later in the year.

For attendees who have difficulty in getting out of the office at lunch, Trilux has a range of lunchtime webinars available at your request.

Visit the Akademie website for the full calendar of events: