Trilux announce partnership with Smart Building Technology specialist

6th September 2021

(Germany) – In an effort to simplify the integration of lighting into the hardware and software infrastructure of digitised buildings, Trilux has invested in IT expert wtec.

wtec specialises in building automation and IT infrastructure, its smartengine technology enables the complete lighting network to be implemented via data cabling and seamlessly integrates into the building management system.

With an investment of 25.1% in wtec, a subsidiary of German real estate developer Zech, Trilux aims to expand its competence in IT and building automation, strengthening its position as a holistic room and building solutions provider.

Particularly in the development of newly planned office buildings, digitalisation and automation of services will soon play a central role – by integrated IoT system modules, lighting will increasingly take on tasks in the future that go beyond the classic lighting tasks.

“The lighting network acts as a flexible technology carrier that is responsible for communication and control of the other trades, becoming the backbone of digitalisation,” said Joachim Geiger, CSO at Trilux. “Futureproof lighting provides high-quality and efficient light, and at the same time makes the room and building smart.”

Dr Frank Schmitt, Managing Director at wtec and General Manager Smart Buildings at the Zech Group, added: “The IP conversion of secure internet use of building data is the logical and necessary step towards more customer benefits. We are pleased that with Trilux we have a strong partner at our side for our growth and our path to a technological standard.”