University of Wismar Master’s programme to offer increased specialisation

(Germany) – The Architectural Lighting and Design Management Master’s programme now includes a specialisation in ‘Heritage Lighting’.

The University of Wismar, alongside Wings Lighting Design, has added increased specialisation to its Architectural Lighting and Design Management Master’s programme.

The ‘Architectural Lighting and Design Management’ programme is a design-based Master’s in lighting design for students and professionals from interior design, architecture, exhibitions and theatre as well as electrical, environmental psychology backgrounds.

The combination of ‘Lighting Design’ and ‘Design Management’ provides students with the creative and technical knowledge to manage lighting design projects as well as the economic and marketing aspects necessary to manage offices professionally.

Starting in October 2018, Wings Lighting Design and the University of Wismar will be offering a specialisation in ‘Heritage Lighting’ to interested students. The specialisation will offer students the possibility to delve deeper into issues like lighting for heritage sites and buildings, lighting for protected sites, conservation, techniques and strategies for such sites and so on. This specialisation is part of a long-term plan to introduce similar specialisations in the field of ‘light’.

The professional study programme ‘Architectural Lighting and Design Management’ was started in September 2012 and is based on more than fifteen years of experience in teaching the Master’s programme for Lighting Design in the Wismar University.

The deadline for application to the Master’s programme has been extended until September 30 2018