[d]arc sessions MEA

For specifiers and suppliers of international lighting projects; [d]arc sessions is an intimate, relaxed space to share ideas, specify projects and network. Curated by [d]arc media, the two-day programme comprises a series of meetings and seminars interspersed with ample networking opportunities within beautiful surroundings.[d]arc sessions is a series of events connecting the very best people creating exceptional lighting projects around the world.

It takes place twice a year (once in Europe and once in the Middle East) and comprises four key elements: Speed+Sync meetings; Symposia speaker sessions; Sustenance breakouts; and Social celebrations. Guests attend [d]arc sessions to specify and source projects; to escape, regenerate and rebuild, in beautiful, spacious surroundings.

To get involved in the next edition of [d]arc sessions, head to: www.darcsessions.com

Light'in Agorá: Illumina-mente - Inclusivity in light design

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Italian Lighting Design promotion group, Light'in Agorá's "Illumina-mente" event will be held live, not only live streamed. The ILD co-founders Chiara Carucci and Giacomo Rossi will engage Giorgia Brusemini and Martina Frattura in a panel discussion about "Inclusivity in lighting and design". In order to celebrate the Italian community, the event will be held in Italian, however, the panel will be followed by a gathering for the Italian and International Lighting Designers, as well as the general public.

The curators Giorgia Brusemini, Chiara Carucci, Martina Frattura and Giacomo Rossi conceived the 'Light'in Agora' project to promote a multidisciplinary design approach by bringing together Italian and international professionals. The organisers are proud and enthusiastic to collaborate with the media partners [d]arc media (arc and darc magazine) and with the supporters Helvar (platinum), formalighting (gold), Valmont Structures and LightLux (silver) for the events and gatherings.